Things people have said about me.

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I appreciated your help on this. 

You are amazingly knowledgeable and competent, and having access to your skills is a real opportunity to deliver a good ‘end product’ to the client cost effectively." (Client of my consultancy service)


“ have something which just a few lawyers have (in addition to strong experience in Law) the sense of the business and that is something I really  appreciated while working with you … .” (Old Norton Rose Client)


“… much appreciated having you as our very supportive, robust and collaborative point of contact …”  (Solicitor with whom I collaborated on litigation)


“….we never lost one!”  (loyal client, on the occasion of my retirement from Norton Rose)


And by way of balance:


“you are simply incompetent” (opponent commenting on my trial bundles)


“If you want a really nasty fight, instruct [X]; if you want a sensible deal, instruct Chris Ryan”  (Objective third party {who obviously thought that I was a bit of a wimp})


And by way of balance:


“if you are going to revert to obscenities over the telephone then we shall have to communicate solely in writing” (opponent commenting on my mild and measured comment on his proposals for cross undertaking in damages)

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