Services I Offer

It is a big step for a patent attorney or trade mark attorney, who has acquired rights to conduct litigation, to launch his or her first case.  Similarly, for the litigator who has some experience but is now looking to take on larger or more complex disputes.  The principal aim of my consultancy is to provide support in those circumstances.  How much, or how little, is up to the litigator.  It may be general assistance and advice or it may be ad hoc guidance on a one off procedural issue.  It may be that all that is needed is an extra pair of hands on occasions of high workload.  Or there may be issues arising in an IP infringement case that fall outside the litigator's normal area of experience; for example a contract or competition issue may arrive.  And in all those circumstances it is the litigator's firm that remains the name on the court record (and the law report!).

I am also an accredited mediator with CEDR and am available either to act as mediator in an IP dispute or to assist a litigator in taking his or her client into a mediation.  Similarly, as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators I am available to arbitrate IP disputes.

I continue to advise both commercial clients and law firms requiring specialist IP and IT advice.

If you think I may be able to help on a case just give me a call (in the office on 01279 815970 or on my mobile on 07738 815260) or send me an e-mail - .  The first discussion is always on the basis of "no charge and no commitment".  For full contact details click Contact Information

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